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New Vague Records

Early in 2012 I was asked by my friend Joel Nickelson if I would screenprint a cover for the first project on a record label he was starting. Sadly just as his first two projects were reaching completion Joel suffered a stroke that cut short his life at the age of 39. In his memory I offered to help finish them up and get them out into the world. The records are still available from distributors such as Fusetron and Forced Exposure. Both records would sit comfortably in the Siwa catalogue so hopefully they will be of interest to some of you. For purchasing information please scroll to the bottom of the page or visit the shop.


Le Son De L'os
Old Sun

Following their debut CD on PSF this is the second LP by the trio of Yuko Hasegawa (Onna-Kodomo), Masahiro Deguchi and Shizuo Uchida (Hasegawa/Shizuo, Nijumu, Onna-Kodomo). Improvised acoustic pieces for guitar, voice and bass that somehow coalesce into almost songlike folk forms. The record is housed in a 4 color screenprinted sleeve and is released in an edition of 285.
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Majutsu No Niwa

Deluxe 2LP reissue of the first studio album by Majustu No Niwa (the band that rose from the ashes of the mighty Overhang Party). Originally released on a Japanese only CD this vinyl version includes an extra track form the same sessions left off the cd due to time constraints. We get crunching psychedelic rock, an acoustic comedown then a final 22+ minute feedback and electronics laden journey into the void. Pressed on RTI HQ180 gram vinyl (the only 180gm produced in the US that matters) and housed in a heavy tip-on gatefold jacket. All around a beautifully presented item and it comes into the world in a limited edition of 500.
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Because of the small editions and deluxe packaging the unit production cost on these was really high but I've tried to keep the price reasonable. Unfortunately the MNN in particular is heavy so international shipping is going to be expensive. Use the bottom button if you want to order both titles as this gives you a small discount and combined shipping.

Le Son De L'os : Old Sun LP $18 + shipping

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Majutsu No Niwa : Frontera 2LP $28 + shipping

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NV-001 + NV-002
Old Sun plus Frontera for $44
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