'Light' LP
SLP 801

The mail order only vinyl edition of 200 (pictured here) was released in December 2008 and is sold out.
CD edition of 500 is still available. Visit the shop page to order.

The record was housed in a printed wooden box with screen printed sleeve and 9 card inserts.
Artwork by Namio Kudo. Box, printing and layout by Siwa.

'Light' was recorded live in 2005 and 2006 and features duo versions of tracks from the last
three self released Reiko Kudo albums along with two previously unrecorded songs.

Side A

1 Sarusuberi (mp3 excerpt)
2 Going To See The Sunset
3 Cat
4 Chestnut

Side B

5 Father
6 Rain in May (mp3 excerpt)
7 Higanbana

Performed by Reiko and Tori Kudo with guest Kazuko Matsushima (viola on Track 2)